Tea leaf reading is an ancient practise coming mainly from Asia and the Middle East and is usually associated with Gypsy fortune tellers.


There is nothing mystical about reading tea leaves as it is largely dependent on the psychics’ ability to interpret the different symbols represented by the pattern of the leaves.

Firstly it is preferable to use a plain white tea cup with no designs on the inside.

Make a cup of tea using loose tea leaves and allow the person having the reading to drink it normally.  Leaving a little of the tea along with the leaves in the bottom of the cup, they should swirl the contents around the cup and then turn the cup upside down in the saucer.

The cup should then be placed upright with the handle facing the reader for them to read the symbols.  Images to the left of the handle are supposed to represent the past whereas those to the right denote the future.

A word of warning.  As with any divination method, remember that you are toying with people’s emotions.  Don’t forget to tell them with regards to the future that NOTHING is set in stone as we all have free will.  NO death predictions should be given, nor any medical diagnosis done.