I chose this book to write an address but when I came to look at it I found that it was just a collection letters.  However, when I started reading them I found they were all letters of compassion and to me that is what spiritualism is all about.  I'ts all very well paying homage to whatever God you may believe in but if there is no love between you and your fellow man, no feeling in your heart then you’re just paying lip service to your religion.  How can anyone say that they love their fellow beings, then, when trouble or problems rear their ugly heads turn around and say “it's nothing to do with me, it's not my problem, I don’t want to get involved.”  Surely ‘being involved’ is what the brotherhood of man is all about.  Yes you may get your hands dirty or it may take up a bit of your time but isn’t that better than crossing to the other side?  We can all do with a helping hand some time in our life and the very person you are giving a helping hand to today may be just the person you need tomorrow.  So next time someone is in trouble or just needs a shoulder to lean on, don’t wonder whether or not to help, the answer is inside your heart.