Has anyone done anything to you that has made you angry or hurt you?  So angry that you have schemed and plotted to get even with them.  You spend hours thinking of ways to get back at them.  Why?  Anger and hatred only eat you up from the inside.  Wouldnít that time have been better spent sending out loving thoughts?  Thoughts are real, they are energy and can do just as much good or harm as words and deeds.  By plotting to get even arenít you just proving that you are just as bad as they are?  Donít sink to their level.  With loving thoughts you MAY be able to bring them up to your level.  A thought cannot change the world but enough kind thoughts from enough people CAN.  With enough energy you can show people that the world doesnít have to be a hateful and vindictive place.  Learn to forgive people for the wrong they do just as you must learn to forgive yourself.  We have all done things in the past that we have regretted.  A word or deed that we wish we could undo.  But we cant, it has happened and we cannot change the past.  But we can change the future by being more loving, caring and forgiving.  Love others and love yourself.  The world is a beautiful place and with enough loving thoughts we can make it that way.