People often say to me when will I meet my guides and are amazed when I reply that you have already met them.  Your guides are always around you, they always have been and always will be.  You just havenít heard them yet.  You listen but you donít hear because your mind is on other things.  How many times have you had a conversation with someone and when they ask you something you say Ďpardon?í It is because you were listening but you werenít hearing.  It is the same with your guides.  Undoubtedly they have spoken to you but because your mind isnít totally focused you donít hear.  Iím not suggesting you have to meditate or go into a trance to hear them but you must focus.  If you learn to play the piano your mind is totally focused on what you are playing and only after practise can you eventually play while thinking of other things.  It is the same with the spirit world.  One you have mastered the art of hearing you can have conversations with them while eating a meal or driving a car.  Also guides are not always from the spirit world either.  We are led to meet people who Ďguideí us through part of our life, you listen to them so learn to listen to the spirit world.  It just takes a little bit of devotion to spending your time and energy in learning to listen to be able to hear.