Have you ever thought how great the human race has developed over the centuries?  How much better life is, how much more comfortable we are, how much more loving and caring we are.  Loving and caring?  Imagine the second coming.  For a start Mary and Joseph, two complete strangers, would never be able to find shelter in a stable or garage just in case they stole something.  Social services would be down on them like a ton of bricks trying to bring a baby up in those conditions.  When Jesus began to walk amongst us he would probably be arrested as a vagrant.  People would mock him for his preaching IF they bothered at all to stop and listen.  If he attacked the moneylenders he would be hit with a lawsuit.  Would he have had any disciples following him?  Not unless he paid them at least minimum wage with a guaranteed pension scheme.  His request for food would be greeted with ‘No chance, that’s mine’.  His crucifixion MAY make the front page of the newspapers unless it was pushed aside because some footballer was committing adultery.

Yes, technologically we have developed in leaps and bounds, but at what cost to mankind.