Have you ever wondered why we are sent messages from our loved ones in the spirit world.  Yes theyíre to show us that there is life after life and that our loved ones are still around keeping a watchful eye on us, but they are also to teach us.  They teach us love for our fellow man.  For example great uncle Bulgaria may have been a cantankerous old man who didnít have a kind word to say about anyone while he was on the earth plane but once in the spirit world he is shown his mistakes and comes back to his loved ones with love.  Some wise old man with a long white beard doesnít judge him, he is shown his past life and is judged by himself.  He is given the chance of seeing himself as others saw him, as the grouchy old so and so who no one was ever very keen to visit.  He comes back to show us that love, kindness and tenderness do matter.  I have had spirits who were just such people.  A real fire and brimstone preacher who ruled with a rod of iron came back to ask for forgiveness.  Iíve had grumpy old men and women who have lectured their loved ones but now they do it with a smile on their face and laughter in their heart.  Donít be one of those who have no fond memories of days of love and laughter.  Have your time now, have fond memories, leave people a little of yourself when you leave.  Remember the measure of our life is not how we live but how much we leave behind.