Why canít we all be more tolerant of each other?  Learn to live in harmony with each other regardless of difference of opinions, of religions, of ideals, whatever.  Even small everyday things.  Iíve known people who have complained of neighbours because they are forever cutting their grass, why?  Does it do them any harm?  I know of someone who looks after an old lady.  Just occasionally the old lady wets herself and get shouted at for doing it, why?  Sheís 98, sheís entitled to wet herself once in a while.  Then we get the different religions acting like school kids saying Ďmy Godís better than your Godí and as you all know it very often ends up in bloodshed, why?  Does it really matter that one has a different view than another?  It must come as a hell of a shock to them when they die and find that we all go to the same place.  So next time someone has beliefs or ideas or actions that you donít agree with stop and think.  It is doing me any harm?  Is it harming my family or friends?  If the answer is no then let them have their own beliefs or their funny little ways of cutting their grass every five minutes with a pair of nail scissors.  Chill out.  This life is about give and take.  We may not be able to love everyone but surely we can learn to tolerate them.  If we were all the same doing exactly the same things what a boring world it would be.