When people who believe in life after life they often look on mediums as loving caring people who bring so much love and comfort to others.  Yes I agree with them and it is truly a beautiful gift they have but does that mean the rest of us canít be just as loving and caring.  Arenít we all capable of bringing love and comfort to others?  Iím not suggesting you go and give every beggar some money or share your home with a homeless person.  If you see someone stumble, reach out and help them.  Donít turn away thinking ĎIím in too much of a hurryí after all is your appointment really that desperate, will the world stop revolving if youíre not at your appointed place on time?  Itís not difficult to be loving and caring.  It doesnít cost much.  A smile or a kind word is often all it takes to brighten someoneís day.  And remember, you can also care for someone by NOT saying something.  If for example your not having a good day and someone rubs you up the wrong way, think before you speak.  Remember, a harsh word is like a stone, once released canít be retrieved.  So though we may not be able to bring a grieving widowís husband to her how simple is it to make her a cup of tea or give her a shoulder to cry on.  Though it may not have the same impact it could bring just as much comfort.