What is your duty?  Is it to your parents, your children, your country or your employer? Or do you have a duty to yourself?  Itís all of these.  Some will argue that one is more important than another but which one comes top of the list.  To me duty to yourself comes at the top because if you donít care about yourself, donít look after yourself and donít love yourself how on earth can you hope to achieve the rest.  Iím not talking about loving yourself in an egotistical way, I mean have nice thoughts about yourself.  Look after yourself and I donít  just mean your body.  Stimulate your mind so that you donít become a couch potato sitting in front of that one eyed monster (the TV).  By becoming interested in people and things you yourself will become interesting.  How can you hope to have a decent conversation with an older person who has seen it all or stimulate a young person if you have nothing of any worth to talk about.  Take an interest in the world around you.  Your town, your city, your country, even if its about plants or animals.  If you become interesting then older people can chat and compare how things used to be and young people will become spell bound by you.  It doesnít take much but the reward will be immense.