People say that if you wish hard enough your wishes will come true.  I donít suppose there are many here who havenít wished that they could win the lottery or get a bigger house or a better car.  I too wished for all of these but thinking back isnít this just being a bit greedy?  If you can live with what you have why not be content and make the most of it.  Youíre probably thinking Ďyeah right what do you know about ití.  Trust me I know what Iím talking about.  Four years ago I owned a 3 bedroomed house, a dream car and had the sort of salary where I was wondering what I could buy next.  I now live in a 1 bedroomed rented hose, my car has seen better days and Iím on half the salary I was on but Iím happy.  Money and material things donít get you happiness.  They may make life a little more comfortable but will they make you happy?  When I lost everything I found that I lost a lot of friends.  The friends I have now like me for who I am not for what I have, they are real friends.  So remember, be careful what you wish for, you may just get itÖÖÖ. But at what expense?