When you see someone who is down on their luck donít pity them.  When you see someone who has lost faith in the world donít pity them.  When you see someone who is grieving donít pity them.  Pity doesnít feed them or pay the bills, pity doesnít shine a light for someone to hold on to, pity wonít help them to grieve.  All of these people donít want your pity, they want your love and understanding.  They want a shoulder to lean on even if itís only for five minutes.  There are always ways of giving without them feeling in debt to you whether itís a little bit of money or a little bit of your time.  Donít confuse pity with comfort, with love or with compassion.  Pity is feeling sorry for someone, saying a few empty meaningless words such as ĎI know how you feelí when you yourself have never been in their situation, then carrying on as if nothing has happened.  Comfort, love and compassions are helping with genuine feeling and letting them know that you really care.  Pity is defined in the dictionary as Ďa feeling of tenderness aroused by distress or sufferingí.  Donít let it just be a feeling, let it be an ACT of tenderness.