We’ve all done it in the past, I’m talking about snapping at someone for no good reason other than we’re having a bad day.  But before your mouth runs away like an express train stop and think.  The person you are about to destroy with a few words may just be crying out for help and yours would have probably been the only kind word they hear all day.  They say ‘stick and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me’.  Don’t you believe it.  The tongue can be just as cruel a weapon as a stick.  Physical wounds heal quite quickly, mental ones don’t, they can take years to heal.  How difficult is it to give a kind word or a smile when it is needed.  Yes it may take a minute of your time but so what if it puts a smile on someone’s face.  As I said yours may be the only kind word they hear all day and believe me they will remember you for it because you will have left a little bit of yourself with them.  If you are having a bad day and they want to talk then explain it to them and you never know, by talking with them it may just lift your spirits as well as theirs.  So think next time you are about to lash someone with your tongue.  Remember, a harsh word is like a stone, once released cannot be retrieved.