We all at one time have said how poor we are, how we havenít known where the next meal is coming from.  Yes, Iíve also been guilty of it and no doubt some of you could tell me how poor you are.  But have you really thought what poor really means.  Youíre all sitting there in your comfortable chairs on the Internet drinking your coffee and thinking Ďyes Iím poor, Iím down to my last 5 dollars/poundsí.  You think thatís poor?  What about those who have no computer or chair and donít even have clean drinking water?  They cant afford medication when an illness hits them and in some cases donít even have a bed to sleep in.  THATíS poor.  Donít continually complain about how well off everyone else is just because they have a flashy car and are dripping with diamonds, these arenít the real riches.  Think of it another way.  You arenít persecuted for your beliefs, you have freedom of speech, you are free to go where you wish, and you have friends.  Are these the trappings of a poor man? No they are not.  Yes we all at one time or another have had our crosses to bear but if you are given a cross to bear you are also given the shoulders to carry it.  No the whole world isnít against you, there IS light at the end of the tunnel.  Trust me, Iíve been to the bottom so I know what Iím talking about and believe it or not if you get there you will find a trampoline so you can bounce back up again.  It takes a bit of effort but it can be done.