They say that time waits for no man, but what is time?  We gauge time by our own existence by our own concept of time but to others it is totally different.  A butterfly uses up its lifetime in one of our days but to the butterfly is it just one day or does it seem like years?  In the spirit world there is no time but if, with our puny human brains we try to comprehend NO TIME  we cant do it.  Our time is governed by the clock and by night and day.  Can you imagine watching over someone day after day year after year just as our spirit guides watch over us?  But to them it is but a blink of an eye.  And why is our existence measured in time?  Because this body that we are using ages and in that period we hopefully learn our lessons so that we can grow and develop.  When you were at school, some of the more boring lessons seemed to last an eternity.  Look on this life as one of those lessons but instead of idly staring out of the classroom window pay attention to what you have to learn.  Savour every moment of your life/lesson.  The more you learn now will mean the fewer lessons you have to come back to.  Time waits for no man……. Use it wisely.