A few years ago there was a song called ‘Universal Soldier’ by Donovan.  One line begins ‘he’s a Catholic a Hindu an Atheist a Jane, a Buddhist and a Baptist and a Jew’.  (I can hear all you old hippies singing it now lol) These were all soldiers fighting for their own beliefs and their own countries.  Donovan sang of the futility of war but war has nothing to do with religion, war has to do with greed and power and racism.  If it were only about religion there would be no war because we are all Gods children.  We all respect a higher being irrespective of what name is given to this ‘all loving’ entity.  You may kneel in church every Sunday or dance naked around a fire at midnight you are still acknowledging a higher being.  There is only one gateway when we finally curl up our toes.  We all go to the same place when we pass into the other world.  As a medium I have had messages from various spirits who came from different religions and different races when they were here on earth and the all come with a message of love.  So try to live in harmony with your neighbour regardless of their religion, creed or colour.  Be at peace with the world, after all, we are all spirit.