All of us at one time in our lives have had a dream.  Iím not talking about the impossible dreams like winning the lottery and living on some sort of paradise island, those are fairy tale dreams.  Iím talking about the dreams you have in your heart.  The ones that ARE achievable with just a cupful of effort, a spoonful of foresight, a little bit of courage and a dash of faith.  You need the effort to make it work, the foresight to plan everything but mainly the courage to take that initial leap into the unknown and faith in yourself.  Regardless of what problems you will come up against you KNOW you can reach your goal.  Yes you will stumble along the way and sometimes feel that it isnít worth all the problems but with courage and faith you can do it.  Believe in yourself.  I donít mean Ďyes I can do it (I think)í.  Donít THINK you can do it KNOW you can do it.  Sitting and wishing that you could be a healer, wishing that you could be and artist, wishing you could open your own dress shop isnít going to make it happen.  Remember it is never to late to follow your dream.  Donít wait for the right moment, if you wait all that happens is you get older.  Hold your dream solidly in your heart and you can move mountains.