When we lose someone, when they pass to the other side often friends and family will come around with their condolences and sympathy but can they really know what its like.

For instance a loss of a parent can’t be compared to the loss of a child.

When we lose a parent we lose more than just someone who brought us up.  They’ve been our friend and our confidant.  They knew our weaknesses and our strengths.  They wiped our noses, kicked our backsides and kissed our cuts and grazes better.  They helped to mend our broken hearts when we had an argument with our first love.  For us they hold a lifetime of memories.

If we lose our lifetime partner we lose more than our lover but also our friend.  Someone who we’ve shared not only our lives with but also our most intimate secrets.  When a partner goes half of our life goes, it’s as if someone’s cut off our right arm.

When someone loses a child they lose part of themselves.  Suddenly all their dreams are dashed to the ground.  This person who you struggled to bring up properly, who you wept over, who made you smile, who made plans with you, whether it was about their future or secret plans for a party.  Your hopes for a rosy future for them are suddenly blown away in the wind.

Then there is the loss of a little one who barely touches the earth. The one you’ve nurtured inside you for all those long months and who gave you morning sickness, sleepless nights and stretch marks but you can forgive all of that.  The loss of this little person who you never really got to know is possibly the most heart breaking because they never had a chance of life.

But is one loss any lesser or greater then another?  And have we really lost them?  We may have lost sight of them but they’re still around us, they’ve only stepped out for a moment and they’ll be waiting for us just around the corner.  I know we can’t hold them closely any more but we can if we look deep into our hearts and minds, they’re there, just waiting for us………… just around the corner.