Psychometry is the ability of a psychic to pick up energy from an object that will tell them of the history of the object, what type of person owns it and even their emotions.


The word psychometry comes from the Greek psyche meaning soul and metron meaning measure and was first used by Joseph Buchanan, an American professor, in 1842.  He placed various drugs in unmarked glass vials for his students to hold and asked them to identify the contents not by looking at them but by what they ‘felt’.  The success rate was more than chance and he subsequently published the results in his book Journal of Man.  Buchanan surmised that all objects retain a certain amount of memory.


All objects record information similar to those recorded on an audio tape.  Particularly if the object in question is in daily use by the owner, such as a ring, a watch or a necklace.


To try this, ask a friend to give you an object, preferably one that they use daily.  Hold it in your hand and just say what you feel.  Do not think about what you get and do not try to interpret the images or feelings.  During the experiment ask you friend to remain silent until you have finished.  You may be pleasantly surprised by your success rate.


As a novice I first attempted this years ago.  I had never tried it before and had no idea what to expect.  I chose a ring from a tray of different objects.  I had no idea who it belonged to but as it was a small delicate ring I thought there was a good chance it was a ladies ring.  When I held it I felt that it belonged to a young lady and the first feeling I got was a lot of tears.  I then had a terrible pain in my head and for some reason I wanted to say the word ‘bandages’.


When I relayed this information to the group of people around me I found that it had indeed belonged to a young lady who had died of a brain haemorrhage, hence the pain in my head and the bandages.