Some say that orbs are nothing more than specks of dust on a lens or an error in processing the film. If this is so, why do they appear to be moving as can be seen in the picture below?

The pictures below were taken in Cheddar caves only seconds apart.  Cheddar caves are at a constant temperature all year round, ruling out condensation, and no one is allowed to smoke in there.  What is it?

I was once sitting quietly with my eyes closed and I heard what could only be described as a “whoosh” sound go past me.  My camera was right beside me so I quickly took this photograph.  Dust?  I don’t think so.

Orbs are regarded by many as Spirit energy.
These are just a few of the photos I have taken.

Taken when I was meditating. I heard a sound of something rushing past my ear which startled me. I had my camera right next to me and this is the result.

This, and the following photo, were taken one after the other in Cheddar caves where the temperature is constant so there is no condensation from breath and no one is allowed to smoke - so what is the mist?

A red orb denotes a new guide.

Taken in my hotel room when I went to Sri Lanka.