Many of you wish to know your future but we cannot tell you as there are too many possibilities, too many things can change to alter what is your future now.  Life is short and changes get made, only you can predict your future by what you do now.  You say you want to be rich but do not the riches of the soul mean anything?  Is not a happier heart better than a great sum of money?  Peace inside should be what you seek.  To remove all the turmoil within would give you far greater happiness than all the riches of the earth.  People are greedy; they want things that they have no use for because they think this will lead them to happiness.  Happiness comes from within and from your fellow man not from wealth.  Guidance along the path, that is all that is need for true spiritual happiness. We will bring that guidance but you must learn to open your heart and listen to our words for we know the human frailties.  Be at peace with the world.