You journey through time but some of you get nowhere, you are just as you were when you were born.  We know life is difficult, that obstacles are put in your way but these are to teach you so you will grow stronger spiritually.  You must learn to choose which path to take, we can only guide you on your path to righteousness.  We cannot walk the path for you.  You say you want enlightenment but you are not willing to work for it, you want the answers now but we cannot give you the answers.  The answers come from whatever path you choose to follow.  We can only attempt to guide.  You say you listen but you do not hear, you do not hear what is being said to you for your ears are deaf to the spirit world.  Learn to step back and listen for we only have your good in our hearts. We want you to be at one with the spirit world but the path is full of stones and potholes.  We can lead but we cannot make you follow, only you can do that.  Be at peace my brothers.