We wish you would listen to your teachers instead of seeming to know everything.  You know very little of our world compared to the knowledge that you actually have but fail to access.  You have the answers to untold questions in you but you fail to listen to your heart and therefore fail to understand the complexities of life.  Life that is all around you.  When you return to the spirit world you will realize the things you missed or the questions you failed to answer because of your stubbornness to listen and learn.  We cannot teach you everything that is inside you for you already know it, you just refuse to let it come forward in your search for the truth, you blind yourself with ideas of things that do not exist.  You have to open your mind and your heart to be at one with the spirit world.  Only then can you learn the truth and the wisdom that is deep inside.  You cannot learn by sitting and waiting for the knowledge to come to you, you must work for it.  We in the spirit world watch and listen and wait but we hear nothing, for you are blind to what you are capable of.  The joy that you could bring to many people if only you would open your eyes to what you have and what is around you.