We the Brethren welcome you.  You wish to know why you suffer on the earth.  This is to learn, to feel the pain that you have not felt but need to know to develop.  The understanding of pain brings you nearer to God.  Whether it is physical pain or pain of the heart these must all be experienced for you to go forward.  How can we teach you about feelings if you have never experienced them?  We can only do so much, the remainder you have to find out for yourself.  To know it, to feel it, only then can you truly help others.  When you know how to feel, it will strengthen you.  The turmoil that is within you hearts is nothing.  You have only to look around you to see others who have nothing, who have nobody to care for them, they are the ones who are suffering.  Your petty problems are like petals in the wind.  Tomorrow they will be as nothing but today they seem as mountains.  Do not bother yourselves with nothings for they are just that.  Bother yourself with things that are real.  Help where help is needed.  Man has always been selfish in their thinking for they look no further than the end of their nose, they do not look to others who truly seek help.  Be at one with the world around for all your brothers are you and you are all your brothers, you are one.  Be at peace with the world.