We in the spirit world wish you well.  Be at peace with the world, donít struggle with material possessions, your spiritual being is more important than your human one.  Strive to be caring and loving towards you fellow beings and the animal world, they too can help in your journey along your spiritual pathway to enlightenment.  Trust in God and your inner self for only good will come if you listen to your heart.  We donít interfere in your life because you have to walk your path, we can only guide you to Nirvana.  Be at peace with one another, do not have misgivings for they hold you back, move onwards.  Be gentle with the world and it will be returned to you tenfold.  Do not sham but be truthful at all times for that is the way to God.  Preach only the good and good will come from it.  Donít be afraid to let others touch your heart for guidance will come from it.  True love for your fellow beings is all you need for truth cannot fail.