Guides are people in the Spirit world who help us along our path. We all have guides whether we realize it or not, they are there to guide us on our journey and to help us to make the right decisions when we come to a cross-road. They can be anyone from any period in time and from all walks of life. They could be a Native American Indian chief or a little scruffy boy who may have passed away in his last life freezing to death in a barn.

They are there not because they have to or because they are told to, they are there because they want to be. They are with us not only to help us along our path but also to help themselves in their development towards enlightenment just as we are developing here on earth.

They are not Angels but real people, or as real as they can be in the Spirit world, and were all here on earth at some time. We all have one main guide and any number of other guides during our lifetime. They come as and when they are needed for particular tasks that we may encounter or any particular skills that we may need help with. You may have heard or felt what I call ‘that little voice’ giving you advice and you wonder where the idea came from, that was your guide. Guides do not push us along our path but gently try to persuade us in the right direction when it is needed. If they were to push us then they would be denying us our free will.