Pendulums are simply anything reasonably heavy suspended from a string or chain.  Pendulums can be purchased from a number of shops and vary in price depending on the quality but just as with Divining rods it depends on the ability of the dowser and not on the equipment, which is why mine is made from a piece of wood tied to a length of cotton and has served me in good stead for the past 22 years, long before dowsing became ‘fashionable’.


Pendulums can only give you a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, therefore once you have your pendulum you will have to determine which way it will swing for ‘yes’ and which way for ‘no’.


Hold the string between your thumb and forefinger and allow the pendulum to hang freely without resting your arm on anything.  Allow your pendulum to settle in a motionless position now start to ask for your ‘yes’ or ‘no’.  Assuming that today is Monday, ask your pendulum if today is Wednesday.  It should rotate clockwise or anti clockwise.  Now ask if today is Monday.  It should now rotate in the opposite direction.  You now have your ‘yes’ or ‘no’ directions.  Remember when asking to clear your mind of everything but the question.


Using a map, as detailed as possible, you can find whatever you wish by holding the pendulum with one hand and with your other hand pointing to a particular spot on the map.  Ask your question and if you get a ‘no’ answer then move your finger to another spot on the map until you get your required ‘yes’ answer.


Someone I know who only knew which city I lived in used detailed maps and narrowed it down to one street away from where I live which is quite impressive as she lives 300 miles away.


There was a report in the Psychic News dated 12.4.1994 of two climbers who were stranded in the Bavarian Alps being found by searchers who had been alerted by George Horak who used a map and a pendulum to alert them of where to look.