Dowsing, which is sometimes called divining or water witching is a term used by many who claim they can find water, metals, gem stones and hidden object using divining rods or pendulums and a map. Some can even find people using this method.

(18th century dowser)

Most people imagine a dowser as an old man with a forked stick of Hazel, Apple or Beech who walks across a field looking for water. Originally it was associated with witches but because the practise was so valuable it was allowed to survive through all the persecutions of witches and heretics over the last thousand years.

Nowadays it has been found that you can look, and find, most things using dowsing rods and they do not need to be made of wood. Dowsing has been used to find oil, people and even the earth energies.

The origin of dowsing is not clear, but the earliest reference of its use is from a 5000-year-old grave inscription in Brittany.

Dowsing rods are often made of copper but can also be fashioned from an old wire coat hanger.


Dowsing rods are simple to make. All you need is an old wire coat hanger, two wide drinking straws and a pair of wire cutters or pliers.

Cut the coat hanger as indicated which will give you two pieces approximately the same length.

Straighten them slightly so that you now have two L shapes.

Slide the shorter ends of your L wires into the drinking straws so that the rods can swing freely, these are the handles.
You are now all set to start your dowsing.

Dowsing rods should be held loosely with your elbows tucked into your sides and forearms parallel to the ground. Walking slowly across a field, or wherever you are searching, keep an image of the object in your mind and as you pass over it your divining rods will cross. You can practise from the comfort of your own home by putting something underneath a rug and trying to locate it.

If you are searching a large area such as a field, stand in one corner (position 1) and using just one rod keep the image in your mind. Once the rod has stopped swinging mark out a line (see diagram 2). Move to another corner of the field (position 2) and repeat the process. Where the two lines cross should be what you are searching for.

Alternatively you can stand in position 1 and once the rod has stopped swinging simply walk along that line using two rods and once they cross you are over whatever you are looking for.