(Already seen)


You are walking along a street in a strange town and suddenly you feel as if you’ve been there before, you know exactly what is around the corner.  Most people would say that they must have been there in a previous life, but think about it for a moment. 


If you had been there before in a previous life, whatever is around that corner would not have been built, in fact that corner you are about to turn would probably have not been there either.  So where do these feelings of déjà vu come from?


Each time we are reincarnated it is to learn a particular lesson and we choose which lesson we are hopefully going to learn.  We choose our parents and apparently we see a ‘blueprint’ of our life to come.  However not everyone sticks to their ‘blueprint’ because when we are born we are given free will.  We may wander off our chosen path because once we are on this earth in our physical body we no longer have any memory of being in the spirit world.


When we have this feeling of déjà vu we are getting a tiny memory of the ‘blueprint’ we saw before we were born.


Déjà vu however should not be confused with precognition.  With déjà vu you feel you have seen or done something previously whereas with precognition it is knowing before the incident takes place.