All psychic development is linked to the chakras.  Any psychic experiments you have attempted in the past will improve dramatically once you have opened your chakras.


Once your chakras are opened fully you will become aware of any subtle vibrations coming from other people or from the Spirit world.


If you feel uncomfortable sensing all the different feelings you may get you can always close down again.  In fact once you have mastered the technique fully you will be able to open and close at will.


To begin with, it is best to find somewhere quiet and warm to meditate for a while or possibly do a few breathing exercises.  Somewhere where you will not be disturbed.


Sit in a comfortable chair with your feet flat on the ground and relax.  Imagine roots coming from the soles of your feet and going deep down into the earth.  As deep as you wish.  Now as you inhale draw energy from deep within the earth to your base chakra.  See it come alive with a brilliant red light.


Next focus on the roots again and draw energy through your base chakra to your sacrum chakra which is just below your navel.  Feel it glowing with a perfect orange light.


Now return your focus to the earth and draw up energy into your solar plexus chakra and feel it illuminate with a pure yellow light.


There is no need to draw energy in with every breath.  Relax and take a few breaths in between each chakra.  Remember that the strong the visualization the more energy that will be drawn up.


Now draw more energy from Mother earth through you base chakra, through the sacrum and solar plexus chakras to your heart chakra which is in the centre of your chest.  This is a beautiful green light that shines out in all directions.


As you draw more energy up to your throat chakra you may begin to feel elated or your body feel lighter.  This is your spiritual body becoming free.


Now concentrate on your third eye chakra in the centre of your forehead as you draw up more energy.  As the indigo light reaches your forehead you may even begin to see images through your third eye or even see the brilliant indigo light out of the corner of your eye.


You can now focus on bringing energy up from the ground through your body to your crown chakra and as is it does so you can ‘feel’ the top of your head explode with a brilliant pure white light.  You are now shining with all the different colours and your chakras are now open.


To close your chakras simply do the same but in reverse order but do not close them totally, but picture each chakra as a rose bud just gently closing but not completely.