“The only Boundaries to

Spirit are those set by yourself” - Don


As with everything where you need to totally relax you must learn to quieten your chattering mind.  Everyone has thoughts continually wandering through their head but you must learn to let them go.  If, while you are trying to relax, a thought wanders into your mind just acknowledge it and let it go.  Don’t follow it.  Do not get angry or upset that you have these random thoughts as that will defeat the object of trying to relax.


Find somewhere quiet, free from distractions and comfortable.  Wear loose fitting clothing and remove your glasses if you wear them.  It may help to put a thin blanket over you to keep warm as your body temperature will drop as you relax.


Starting at your toes slowly relax every part of your body.  Do it slowly and naturally, if you try to hurry you will achieve nothing.


Slowly relax your feet… your legs… your torso… your arms… your neck… your face.  Feel the muscles go limp.


If possible inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.  If you find that this does not feel natural then just breath normally.


Once you have achieved total relaxation you are ready to attempt to leave your body, which you do quite naturally when you are asleep but this time it will be controlled.


Have no fear of leaving your body.  No harm can come to you for you are always connected to your physical body.


Imagine yourself rising up from your body.  Slowly lift away.  Keep this image in your mind at all times and let no other thoughts interrupt you.


It may feel strange when you turn around and look at your sleeping body.  It is at this point that you may suddenly jump and find yourself wide awake.  What has happened is you have become scared or unnerved and your spiritual body has snapped back into your physical body.  Likewise if something disturbs you such as a phone ringing or someone enters the room, you will automatically return to your body.


It may take a few attempts to actually leave your body so do not be disheartened if it doesn’t happen right away.


Once you do perfect it then the world or indeed the universe is your oyster.  You can travel wherever you wish and at whatever speed you feel comfortable with just by thinking it.