“The only Boundaries to

Spirit are those set by yourself” - Don



Most people think of Out of Body Experiences (OBE) are only experienced by those who are near to death, but this is not so.  OBE’s are experienced by most, if not all of us, during our dreams.  We leave our physical body and it is possible to travel wherever we wish.  However, most of us only remember part of our travels.  These OBE’s then get mixed up with thoughts or memories hence most ‘dreams’ seem too strange to be real.

Some believe that if you left your body you would die or possibly lose your way back but as we often experience OBE’s during our sleep then you can be reassured this would not happen.  During an OBE you are connected to your physical body by what is described as a silver umbilical cord which is of indeterminate length and completely unbreakable.

Everyone at some point has dreamed that they were flying or perhaps they felt that they were falling and woken up with a jolt.  This is your astral body snapping back into your physical body too quickly.

Others have said that while you are out of your body what would happen if another spirit were to slip into your sleeping physical body?  Again let me reassure you that this cannot happen.  Each spirit vibrates at a certain frequency and no two are alike.  Your spirit is matched to your body when you are born therefore it is impossible for someone to ‘take over’ you body.

OBE’s can be used to travel anywhere in the world as slow or as fast as you like, indeed, you can travel to anywhere in the universe if you so desire.