1.            Have you ever sensed an atmosphere in a room?

2.            Have you ever known what someone is about to say?

3.            Have you ever answered the door before someone has knocked?

4.            Have you ever guessed correctly the contents of a letter?

5.            Have you ever thought of someone then met them?

6.            Have you ever picked up emotions or pain from others?

7.            Have you ever had a premonition?

8.            Have your dreams ever come true?

9.            Have you ever experienced ‘deja vu’?

10.           Have you ever finished someone’s sentence for them?

11.           Have you ever predicted the sex of an unborn child?

12.           Have you ever been affected by the weather?

13.           Have you ever known what a friend will buy?

14.           Have you ever had a song running through your head only to switch the radio on to find it playing?

15.           Have you ever met a friend and found you are wearing the same colours?

If you said yes to 7 or more then you are undoubtedly psychic.