Angel names



Lord Metatron is the highest of the Archangels.  He was the prophet Enoch and was taken by God as described in Genesis 5:24 to become his scribe.

Adonai is a blue angel and is responsible for communication.  She is said to have been the voice in the burning bush that Moses saw.  She is also said to be the voice of God.

Ariel is a red angel and is guardian and healer of animals and the natural world.  She is also known as the ‘lioness of God’.

Azriel is a purple angel responsible for the transition of the soul, also know as the angel of death or more commonly the ‘grim reaper’.

Bazazath is a green angel and responsible for protection, she is an archangel of the second heaven.

Emmanuel is always seen as orange and brings us joy and happiness, helping us to bring about changes within ourselves.  Self transformation begins with one small change.

Ezekiel is a blue angel.  She will, when asked, help us with transition with grace and ease enabling us to begin a self transformation process one step at a time.

Gabriel is probably the most well know blue angel.  She is a teacher and a messenger for God.

Gamaliel, a violet angel and is known as one of the most generous angels and is referred to as the gracious gift giver.

Haniel means ‘grace of God’.  She is a blue angel and is asked to develop and maintain harmonious relationships.

Jeremiel, which means ‘Gods mercy’ is a blue angel known as the angel of hopeful visions and dreams.

Jophiel, which means ‘beauty of God’ is a yellow angel and is responsible for awakening your inner self to see the beauty all around you.

Michael is the most well known of the green angels.  she is often shown with a sword which primary purpose is to slay the ego and fear.  Her main purpose is for protection and courage.

Muriel is a red angel whose name means Gods perfume and brings us peace and harmony.

Rachiel is a red angel responsible for romance and family loyalties.

Raguel, meaning ‘friend of God’, is the blue angel responsible for solving arguments or misunderstandings, justice and peace.

Raphael, whose name means ‘God heals’ is the most popular of the healing angels.  She is violet in colour although she will be shown as green or even red.

Raziel is the yellow angel of mysteries.  Supposedly recording everything he knows all the mysteries of the universe.

Uriel, which means ‘God is my light’ and is known as the angel of wisdom and is known to bring the power of unconditional forgiveness to every area of our lives.